Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watch Glen Beck on Friday !

I want to encourage you all to watch Glen Beck Friday. He is going to have a special program and is encouraging groups to get together and watch the show. What I love about Beck is that he really cares about our country. He is a conservative but doesn't mind giving it to the Republicans too. First he is an American and he talks about a lot of things I have discussed here for the last few months. He feels our country is slipping away due to the incompetency of both party's. Check your local times for his show and get some people together to watch.


  1. I have been watching him myself and he says things like all of us would like to do and sometimes scream and shout. So, yes I and my husband are going to watch. We all need a little uplifting in todays world. God Bless you for this site. I have learned a lot.

  2. Enjoyed him on Bill OReily last night. He does bring up an important point. Namely, most Americans can understand what our government should and can do instead of what it is doing and probably should not be doing.