Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Government Intrusion

I have been thinking about this AIG mess the last few days. My biggest concern last week was that the Dem's wouldn't stop with just AIG when it comes to bonuses. Then over the weekend I hear some in Congress are trying to craft legislation to control all bonuses ,not just ones where the government is involved. Are you kidding me ? The case could be made to control AIG's because the government ownes 70 % of AIG. Since the Dem's and Obama administration okay'd them its nothing but grandstanding to take them back. They got caught and are now trying to duck the responsibility. But to even think about other companies is just one more example of socialism on the way. This should scare everyone to death. Whats even scarier is that they are meddling in contracts and using the tax code to punish people. Whats next the pro athlete who makes ten million a year is going to be told we think that's too much and we are going to tax you 90% ? What possible motivation would there be to go and take risks if you don't get to enjoy the benefits? This is not the country I grew up in and know. What ever happened to work hard , take chances and receive the benefits? This whole situation under Obama gets worse everyday. Tell your local representatives not to support this garbage.


  1. I agree that the government shouldn't control their bonuses. But aren't you just a little upset at their lack of accountability during this whole mess? The American people bailed them out (well our so-called representatives bailed them out. I still think they would have sunk if we would have been able to vote on it).

    I for one feel that we're getting stepped on. AIG continues to piss away money that WE gave them. The company lost 65 billion dollars or something in the fourth quarter and that was after the bailout.

    I don't think the bonuses should be revoked... but still.

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  2. I am upset about the whole thing. I don't believe we should be bailing out anyone. I did say in the case of AIG it might be appropriate to go after them since the gov. owns 70%. I don't want Obama expanding this to other companies.