Monday, March 9, 2009

The next big tax !

If the Obama administration pushes for cap and trade it will be the largest tax increase on Americans we have seen since Carter. Cap and trade is supposed to be a tax on those who produce carbon emissions to help with pollution and global warming. Here is the problem. If it was about helping the environment the government would just tighten regulations on emissions over time and that would be that. No need to tax them. But that isn't what its about. Its all about a new tax and further redistribution of wealth. The real problem is that the American people are naive enough to think its just a tax on those "evil companies". You know the ones who help you heat and cool your homes, or provide fuel for you to go places. The tax will be on all of us. Every company will pass those taxes on through the cost of everything you buy. It will further kill our economy and especially hurt low to middle income earners. I have seen estimates it could cost the typical family $4000 a year. Don't get me wrong I am for a cleaner environment just not the further redistribution of wealth through the disguise of helping the environment. I won't debate man made global warming since there is no scientific fact only scientific conjecture about it. I can't think of a worst time to pursue a new tax on the American people.

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