Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama's press conference

Well its a first , I think. Can you ever remember a president using a teleprompter for a press conference? If Obama is so smart and talented then why can't he even do a simple press conference without one? Maybe because he doesn't really have a clue of what he should say that will sit well with the American people. If he said what was really on his agenda it would scare the heck out of 80% of Americans. Okay now the scary stuff. Obama's administration has asked for even more power to take over financial institutions they feel may pose a risk to the economy. Notice they are not saying ones that are in trouble. So they get to judge what is risk? This is just one more step to nationalize the banks. It is also a veiled threat that if banks don't do as the administration wants they will be under the threat of government takeover. Scared Yet? You should be. Anyone supporting this Dem or Rep should be voted out , period!!

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  1. Again I am with you all the way. Why do they keep calling him smart. I don't think he is. I agree that we need to clean the whole thing out. Lets see what will happen to Dodd. If he is re elected I will will just sit down and cry.