Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spending out of control !!

Yesterday the Congress passed a 410 billion dollar Omnibus spending bill. This is in addition to the trillion just passed. It is an 8% increase over last year. There are over 8000 earmarks in the bill. The president just came out and said this wouldn't happen under his watch. When the White House was asked about this they said this was business that should have been done last year so they will let it slide. Are you kidding me. It doesn't matter when it was supposed to be done just the fact that if Obama wanted to stop it he could. He just doesn't want to take on Congress no matter what he says in speeches. The Republicans are equally at blame since 40% of the earmarks are theirs. The price all of us are going to pay for this reckless behavior is years of higher taxes and high inflation. We are all in a lot of trouble.