Monday, February 9, 2009

Losing support !

As Obama runs around the country trying to convince people his stimulus bill will work , all the new polls show support for the stimulus in its current form is falling fast. The American people aren't the suckers the Dem's hoped for. The people of this country know the difference between social engineering and a real stimulus program. Most people on both sides of the isle are for a stimulus but for something that will actually work. The president is in such a hurry to pass this bill that it should be obvious the bill is no good. If it was good he wouldn't have to put on the hard sell , it would sell itself. So slow down all you bureaucrats and think. Another week won't make any difference. Listen to the your voters who overwhelmingly are saying this bill is junk. After all you are supposed to represent all of us , not just promoting what you think America should look like.

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