Friday, February 20, 2009

Here we go again !

The Obama administration is telling the Defense department to cut their budget by 15 %. The stimulus bill also cut funding for the F22 fighter. These cuts in our defense are the same thing Carter and Clinton did when they got in office. It is also estimated that these cuts will cost around 75,000 defense related jobs. Aren't we trying to create jobs? Are we not at war on two fronts right now? The quickest way to create jobs would be to increase the defense of this country. These cuts are exactly what Clinton did and then we were not prepared for 9/11 because cuts in defense also equal cuts in intelligence. We had to spend billions to rearm with the latest weapons and technology. The F22 fighter is the most advanced fighter in the world and is a determent to any country thinking about aggressive behavior. What are the Dem's thinking? All our fears that having Democrats in charge would make us less safe are about to come to fruition.


  1. strange, considering he's ratcheting up the conflict in Afghanistan.

  2. Yo, you always be blaming the Dems. Bush had his chance for the last 8 years. Why you gots to hate?