Monday, February 23, 2009

Rewarding Bad Decisions

With the passage of the stimulus bill we are starting to get more details. Billions of dollars are going to the States. Why should a state that has been fiscally responsible pay for the bad decisions of other states? Once again we are rewarding failure. The same for the housing bailout. Why should all of us pay for people who acted irresponsibly. Yes some might have been taken advantage of ,but trust me the lawyers will line up to help those who were truly taken advantage of. If people lied about income, or just plain didn't live within their means why should the rest of us pay the price? How about the renters which make up 30% of Americans many of who have been saving to put 20% percent down and buy a house responsibly. What do they get other than the government basically saying you should have been irresponsible and we would have bailed you out. It seems every time we turn around we are helping people who have caused their own problems. This is not change we can believe in ! Every responsible homeowner ( 93% are making payments on time) should raise up and tell their representatives what they think!

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  1. Socialism. My problem with all of what Obama is doing is simply this:

    Let's say I create a "crappy" product. It barely, or not at all, sells. My bills pile up, and I make loans to keep my business going.

    I get the loans, and keep selling my crappy product. Some time later, I'm again in financial trouble, and make yet another loan.

    I keep doing this over a period of time, until I finally cannot keep borrowing money. So then I ask the most merciful-lord Obama to bail me out, and he does.

    I ripped off the tax-payers, and continue to keep selling my crappy products.

    This is what I see happening with Obama's strategy.