Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why so negative Mr.Obama?

Yes the economy is not in a great place. Yes unemployment may go higher ( unemployment always peaks at the end of a recession) but has anyone asked themselves why every time Obama speaks he is talking down the economy? I can think of a couple of reasons Obama is always telling us how bad it is and that it's going to get worse. First , he is a socialist and he knows if you tell people something long enough they will believe it. So if he convinces us all how desperate things are then he can also convince us how the government is the only one who can solve the situation ( although the government will only make things worse). This promotes his socialistic view that the government and not the people are the solution. Once we are all convinced of the need for government involvement then we accept them taking over health care, bigger programs for welfare , education etc. The other reason he bad mouths the economy is to set the bar so low that the only press he will get is how he is doing so much to help the situation. If we are convinced how bad it is then any improvement makes him look great. The fact is the president no matter who it is has almost no control over the economy if it is a free market. If we move further towards socialism then the government has more control of what happens. And looking at Europe wouldn't that be great (Only if your a socialist). Isn't it bad enough that 40 percent of people don't pay taxes and it is estimated that it will rise to 50 percent under Obama. Isn't it sad that we talk about tax cuts to people who don't pay taxes? When you give money to someone not paying taxes it is called welfare. I fear our country is slipping away and we are all just sitting by watching it happen.


  1. Why you gotta hate on the man so much?

  2. BO is going to help everyone. Just show up and hold you hand out...:)