Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Broken Promise # 1

Well Obama isn't even in office yet and his promise of giving a $3000.00 tax break to individuals and companies who save or create a job is done. Both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate say there is no way to implement such a plan or tell who is eligible. This plan was a major part of the platform Obama ran on. This is also a perfect example of how Obama makes general statements that appeal to the masses with no way of backing them up. He is in fact doing that right now with his proposed stimulus plan. He started out weeks ago saying his stimulus plan would create 3 million new jobs. Then he changed it to 3.5 million new jobs. Now it is 4 million new or saved jobs. Notice the change. Tell me how do you measure saved jobs? So if his plan doesn't work he has already left himself an out. If the stimulus doesn't work and only creates a million jobs he will come out and say " Well we saved 3 million". So knowing there is no way to measure saved jobs he can say what ever he wants. Once again the liberal press is giving him a pass and not holding him accountable. Notice also the increase in numbers of new or saved jobs because he wasn't getting the reaction he wanted. This relates to my other articles of his tactics of pandering to the masses and saying something enough times that people start to believe it. The fact is most Americans don't want the government involved in the economy and yet we are going to get this stimulus stuff crammed down our throats weather we like it or not.


  1. yo man, he isn't even in office yet! how can you break a promise before you get a chance? you just hating on da man. he's going to make everything better, you just wait and see! word.

  2. I agree in the wording. They can't even promise creating one job. Why should we spend another 850 billion?