Thursday, January 15, 2009

A 3rd Term , Are you kidding !!

Wow what a joke. We elect a guy who not one person voting for him could tell me anything he had ever accomplished. He spent the last three years running for president instead of caring enough to be at his job working on the problems the nation faced. Now we have Jose Serrano (D) who wants to abolish the 22nd amendment to the constitution to let Obama run for a third term. He isn't even in office yet , what is wrong with people. Obama did nothing as a Senator , he cannot point to any major accomplishment and we were silly enough to make him president. People in this country are so taken with this guy they don't make him prove himself before anointing him the savior. This kind of blind following should worry every American. Eight years is enough for anyone to serve as president and the only thing we should be changing is to put term limits on our congressmen and senators. Wake up people Obama has done nothing and until he proves himself lets hold him accountable for all the promises he made while running for president.

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  1. I am with you. It seems like that when many are elected to the House or Senate that when they go to work their first day, they check in their "common sense" at the door and forget where they left it! Two terms is long enough.

    I would like to see an amendment reflecting how long judges can serve. I believe our Founding Fathers may have slipped when it came to giving judges the ability to serve for life. I would like to see some of them serve life butt in a different house. Some judges seem to believe they are there to make law. Congress does have the power to set an "out-of-control" judge straight...but you never see that happening.

    Obama has a lot to prove. What he is good at is promissing the moon but then, in mid-streem, he changes the real estate offer. The American people need to keep an eye on him. I am hoping for one term.