Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama doesn't get it !!!!!!!!!!!!

As I indicated on the 7th Obama just doesn't understand free markets and what government involvement should be. If you listened to his speech just as I feared on the 7th he really believes that government is the answer to all problems. Have we not been deficit spending for the last eight years ? If the government is the answer then why isn't the economy not red hot after all the spending ? It doesn't work !! Not enough money makes it to the right places when the government is deciding where it goes. Only the free markets are efficient not the government. If anyone had any doubt that Obama is a socialist the last speech should leave you with no doubts. The government should be getting out of the way of markets and concentrate on not spending money and reducing the deficit. A lower deficit would result is lower interest rates long term and the dollar will rise. If we continue on the course we are on we will see huge inflation down the road and no way to pay for it.


  1. Diddo! I don't see how he can pull this one off either. We need less taxes, less government involvement, and more accountability on the members of Congress. I didn't ever think I would see the day when our government could pull the "blunders" that they have pulled and the American people let them get away with it. We should be storming the Whitehouse!

  2. He's just pandering to the ignorant masses that elected him.....