Friday, December 26, 2008

Stimulas Package

It is now getting ridiculous . When do stimulas packages ever work ? Now the new Obama administration is talking about a 850 billion dollar stimulas package. It will end up more around 1 trillion by the time its done. All we are doing is loading up our children with mountains of debt that they may never be able to pay back. It would be much better to bite the bullet now and let the economy fix itself. The government is not an efficient spender of money. Never has and never will be. We are either a free market society or we are not. If we are not then we are headed for socialism. Looking at Europe that should scare every American . We are also setting ourself up for huge inflation down the road. With the mounting deficits we will see the dollar weaken and inflation will accelerate as the economy comes back. We should let the economy work its own problems out without government involvement. Let me know what you think , should the government get involved or do you want the markets to work it out.

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  1. Very interesting view. My take on the stimulas packages is: it is such a pretty name, but what it really means trouble ahead.

    Maybe... just maybe... some of these businesses that are getting bailed out are suppose to just end. To make room for better ways.

    But what do I know I am just a hard working American barely making ends meet. :)

    Great Post!