Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gas Tax

I had a conversation with a friend a month ago about the price of gas and taxes on it. My position was that if gas stayed low very long the Dem's would start talking about taxing gas to raise revenue and discourage people from buying suv's and driving more. Sure enough I turned on CNN a couple of days ago and they were talking about some in congress talking about raising taxes on gas for the above reasons. This makes no sense at all. The lower gas price is giving Americans hundreds of millions in savings. Money they all need to make ends meet. A gas tax would hit lower and middle Americans the hardest . If the new Obama administration allowed this they would be breaking their promise of not taxing the middle class. The economy is in a fragile place and any new taxes in any form would just make things worse. Pay attention to this issue and let your representatives know where you stand.

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