Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pardons/ Good or Bad ?

Looks like another 19 pardons were handed out by the Bush Adminstration. The latest poll I saw showed 65% of Americans think pardons are a bad idea. I have to agree with the majority of Americans. It seems like a missuse of power ( although legal and done by every departing president) to undo sentences that a court and jury have decided upon. Now there may be some cases where new evidence has come to light that can justify pardons, but it seems pardons are handed out like candy at Christmas when a president is leaving office. The first thing that should be done is eliminate pardons the last year of the presidency. The reason they wait till the end of their last term is to not suffer the backlash from the public and other side of the political isle. By waiting to the end of their last term they don't really have to answer to anyone. If they had to issue pardons before their last term they would have to stand up to the political and social pressure for their actions. Making them announce pardons before their last year would at least make sure they can justify it. Tell me your thoughts on pardons ?

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  1. I am not usually one to defend this idiotic President, but I believe that most of his pardons have been both thoughtful and correct. In only one case that I've seen did the reasoning look suspicious, and that pardon is under review.